Project Title : Stage One 

Shortlisted entry for the #MyBelfastIdea RSUA competition 2018

Tohill Architects in collaboration with Andrea Mc Veigh

Stage One is a series of temporary structures designed to encourage pedestrians to engage with the space in front of the hoarding erected in the wake of the Bank Buildings fire.

The aim of the project is to help reinforce the visual continuity of the yellow dot trail by reimagining the dead end, ‘cul de sac’ spaces created by the exclusion zone.




Through the introduction of a new stair, raised platform, covered walkway and a retractable canopy, it is intended to provide the public and local traders with an alternative spatial experience of the boundary which can be used and adapted as they see fit.

The structures are designed to be constructed from low cost scaffolding tubes, sawn timber and OSB sheeting, all of which are quick to assemble and can be easily reused once the hoarding has been removed.




Castle Place Intervention :

By introducing a new staircase towards the end of Castle Place, people are invited to ascend the steps for an elevated perspective. A new temporary clock tower located on the same axis as the one a top of the Bank Buildings provides an alternative focal point to the end of the street.




Royal Avenue Intervention :

Taking reference from the classical proportions of the Bank Buildings and traditional shop awnings the framed platform provides an adaptable space for use as a stage for performances or as a location for a street market.

The two storey structure addresses the scale of Royal Avenue and could provide advertising space to promote local business, helping to fund the project.